Support: Spout Mix-N-Map IndieGoGo!

Mix several sources from different Spout-enabled apps in a lightweight app for video-mapping!

Since the Spout project makes it possible to route textures between apps on Windows ( similar to Syphon on Mac ), VJs can now have several Spout-enabled apps to have more options (real-time, sensors, etc)  for their visual performances. So we miss an affordable nice lightweight tool to mix and map such Spout sources.

Introducing Reymenta Spout Mix-n-Map !

Current status of the Reymenta Spout Mix-n-Map

Right now, the video on the top of this page shows two mapping objects receiving outputs from two differents apps, independently. The door is open to have multiple outputs and options for the rendering, like mixing the sources, choosing which content goes where, etc.

Another video: with Beautiful Chaos from Nathan Selikoff

This software is built with the fantastic Cinder framework (C++) and these Cinder blocks: Warping by Paul Houx and Cinder-Spout by myself

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