Unusual Interfaces: Deco Sketch and Mind Midi

Our next meeting will take place next Wednesday, July 10th at StandardVision’s Hollywood office. We have some pretty unusual presentations this time around, with demonstrations of not-yet-released interface devices and midi controllers powered by actual Jedi mind tricks! LAVA alumnus Ben Guerrette will discuss his experience with the long-anticipated Leap Motion controller due out this July, and the challenges in converting his mobile app “Deco Sketch” to a motion gesture interface, and Michael Allen will be demoing his Star Wars Force Trainer and Brain Jr microcontroller powered Modul8 setup– that’s right, a mind-controlled Modul8 rig!

If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and say hello!
The LAVA crew
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Location and time:
Wednesday, July 10th
7pm – 10pm
1320 N. Wilton Place. Los Angeles, CA 90028
(free parking anywhere in the parking lot)

More info:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5fdkt-yBJg (Deco sketch with Leap controller)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLaOr0NYnm0&feature=youtu.be&fb_source=message (Mind-controlled interface)

About Ben Guerrette
Ben Guerrette is a creative technologist who produces art generating software applications made for entertainment, performance and public consumption.

Previous projects include Motion Sketch: an interactive video projection installation harnessing the power of the Microsoft Kinect, STRING DNA: a web application that creates art from words and Fight Club Remix: a live audio/visual DJ and VJ performance conducted with Bryan Halcott that deconstructs the consumerist narrative of the film. He’s also created numerous live projection installations for festivals, nightclubs and art shows. His mobile application Deco Sketch is used by award winning artists internationally.

His current studies are in 3D motion based gesture control technologies.

About Michael Allen
VJ Michael Allen is more than just an eye-candy man: He’s part of the show, a performer who unleashes staccato nature scenes that he manipulates so they shift with the beats and tones of the music. Using a dvd turntable, a video sampler, a video mixer, and a set of rack mount monitors, Allen does with visuals what the DJ does with sound – manipulating the context of the imagery to create all new and interesting environments.

Michael has performed with traveling acts like Tripping Daisy, The Polyphonic Spree, Cut Chemist, Mix Master Mike, Digable Planets, and The Crystal Method, among many, many others. He is the house VJ for Hollywood nightclub Star Shoes and has performed at the Coachella, Rock The Bells, and Burningman music festivals.

About Standardvision
StandardVision is the leader in the design and manufacture of architecturally-integrated LED lighting systems.
A pioneer in the creation of blade-based LED media façades for both new construction and retrofits, we specialize in delivering high-resolution images, viewable day and night, without bulky solid screens interfering with the architecture. We have an array of patented products and technologies that have been used in award-winning projects around the globe. Our design philosophy is informed by the unique content strategy developed for each client. We have curated one of the world’s largest content libraries specifically designed for massive architectural use. Every day we partner with the world’s top developers, architects, artists, ad agencies and brands. Together we are creating the future.

About LAVA
La-Va (Los Angeles Video Artists) is a loosely organized community of video artists working primarily in the field of live video mixing and improvised visuals. The goal of the LaVa community is to promote and nurture the movement of video mixing and improvisational video art in the greater Los Angeles area.
Through the years, various members as well as the group as a whole have shown work at the Walt Disney Concert Hall for the Minimalist JukeBox, the MAKE festival in San Francisco, the Kunstvlaai A.P.I art festival in Amsterdam, the LPM festival in Rome and Mexico City, the Freewaves fundraisers for LACE gallery, and Projections on Lake. We have also given numerous technical demonstrations and workshops, among them a NuMark demo tour with the Apple Store, the Can Serrat Centro de Actividades Artisticas in Barcelona, Spain, the Motion Graphics Festival in Chicago, and SHARE in San Diego and Los Angeles.

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