LAVA Meeting at the Vortex Dome: Tuesday, April 23rd

Jeff Smith and Matt Wachter from EyeVapor will be showing documentation of a recent dome show they did for Microsoft at the Superbowl featuring video mapping and Kinect control, Mapjacks video art collective will be demoing some of their sculptural mapping projects, Tim Hicks will give a short presentation showcasing the Vortex space, and (if time permits) Eric Medine will be showing some samples of his touch-screen visualizer built in Processing for iOS from his recent presentation at the LPM festival in Mexico City.

Due to limited space, we’re requesting that you RSVP with the name and email of each person interested in attending– we’re only able to accomodate 40 people this time around (if some of you are carpooling everyone in the car will need to RSVP), be sure to RSVP by responding to this email OR on the LAVA event page (!

Vortex Immersion Media, Inc.
Los Angeles Center Studios
1201 West 5th Street, Suite F-80
Los Angeles, CA 90017

Tuesday, April 23rd


Jeff Smith has worked in the computer graphics industry for more than two decades. Having held high-ranking creative positions at Electronic Arts (EA) and THQ, Jeff created Eye Vapor when computer hardware finally could support his lifelong vision of producing stunning, real-time visualizations for concerts and events.

Raised on a remote island in Washington state, Matthew Wachter has come to be known as one of LA’s premiere VJ’s. Cultivating skills in computer programming and projection mapping from years of experience working in venues ranging from the most exclusive LA clubs and events to corporate and non profit conferences and parties, his work has been recognized by many event planners as an essential part of any function.

Mapjacks is an artistic collective that creates immersive visual experiences.

Tim Hicks
Tim Hicks works with Kelley Francis at Vortex Immersion Media as the AV Tech, he is a Live Performance VJ, and video director and editor as well.

Eric Medine
Eric Medine is a Los Angeles area artist working in multimedia and video art. Most recently he performed “8-Bit Palimsest” with Wet Mango and Tim Abad at the LPM festival in Mexico City. He currently is director of, a loosely organized communtiy of video artists working primarily in the field of live video mixing and improvised visuals.

About Vortex:
Vortex Immersion Media (VIM) delivers visionary immersive entertainment venues and related products and services. With decades of experience in immersive art and entertainment technologies, an extensive advisory network, and worldwide relationships with leading media and special effects professionals, VIM is uniquely positioned to usher in the next generation of highly compelling group interactive attractions. VIM clients include leading casino resorts, theme parks, nightclubs, lounges, urban developers and corporate marketing, events and tradeshow planners.

With our primary offices and Vortex Dome studio and events venue located in Downtown Los Angeles, CA, we enjoy the company of some of the most talented film makers and digital content producers in the world while working on the campus of Los Angeles Center Studios.

About LAVA:

La-Va (Los Angeles Video Artists) is a loosely organized community of video artists working primarily in the field of live video mixing and improvised visuals. The goal of the LaVa community is to promote and nurture the movement of video mixing and improvisational video art in the greater Los Angeles area.

Through the years, various members as well as the group as a whole have shown work at the Walt Disney Concert Hall for the Minimalist JukeBox, the MAKE festival in San Francisco, the Kunstvlaai A.P.I art festival in Amsterdam, Freewaves with LACE gallery, Projections on Lake, and the LPM festival in Rome and Mexico city. We have also given numerous technical demonstrations and workshops, among them a NuMark demo tour with the Apple Store, the Can Serrat Centro de Actividades Artisticas in Barcelona, Spain, the Motion Graphics Festival in Chicago, and SHARE in San Diego and Los Angeles.

We hold regular meetings where current and aspiring AV Artists – VJs, Musicians, Filmmakers, Animators, Traditional Artists and more – meet for workshops, screenings, demonstrations, collaboration and networking.