La-Va AV Mixer Friday, June 26th

La-Va AV Mixer
Friday, June 26th, 7:30pm to 5am.
1027 N. Alvarado
Los Angeles CA, 90026

Join the LAVA crew for an evening of software demos by Marc Mcall (xnth), followed by hardware demos by Ralph Barton and Dann Green (4ms Pedals). Afterward, stick around til 5am for music and DJ sets by Shane Hazleton, Justin (MC This), Bubblegum Shitface vs MkUltra, and Dr. Fun.





Marc Mcall will be showing his Xnth Visual Synthesizer (, a MIDI enabled video mixing software system . He has been the resident VJ  at the Avalon Nightclub in Hollywood for the past two years.

Ralph Barton and Dann Green of 4ms Pedals (Austin, TX)  will demonstrate the Bend Matrix, a fully MIDI controllable automated patch bay with step sequencer.  This device has useful applications in circuit bending, signal routing, modular synthesis and any other project where an artist needs to control electronic signals with precision, predictability and tempo ranges from 2 to 1,000 bpm. By routing 4 audio signals to 8 speakers, the 4ms Pedals crew will show you how to create a psychedelic trans dimensional space similar to being inside 4 rotating Leslie horns simultaneously.

Following the demo will be a live performance with Ralph Barton and Dann Green highlighting the MIDI capabilities of the Bend Matrix, with visuals by Vj MkUltra. Get ready to get your freaky noise house glitch on!



bubblegum shitface live at Club 1808, Austin TX, House vs Noise

bubblegum video #3: bend matrix doing house music

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