The Art and Science of Creating Large-Scale Immersive Environments

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The explosion of consumer virtual reality is driving a new wave of innovation in 360 video and real-time interactive environments. Video artists can project these environments into physical spaces using spatial augmented reality techniques. This special evening event, produced by LA’s ACM/SIGGRAPH chapter in cooperation with LAVA (Los Angeles Video Artists), focuses on large-scale video art including 360 video, projection mapping and real-time group interactive environments. The event will be held in the Vortex Dome, a 360 fulldome projection studio in downtown Los Angeles, and will include live demos from the speakers and other area artists.

Speakers include entertainment technology engineer and entrepreneur Ed Lantz of Vortex Immersion Media who will introduce large-scale video art and demonstrate a range of content in the Vortex Dome. Video artist and programmer Eric Medine will do a deep dive into projection mapping tools and techniques including case studies from past projects. Finally art director and interactive programmer Jeff Smith of EyeVapor will showcase recent projects including interactive 360 visual art. A social hour will follow with demonstrations from local video artists. An evening not to be missed!
Eric Medine, Art Director/Video Artist
Jeff Smith, EyeVapor
James Cui
Schedule 6:30-7:00
Registration and Refreshments 7:00-9:30
Event Venue The Vortex Dome Los Angeles Center Studios 450 South Bixel St. Los Angeles, CA 90017
Registration All LA ACM SIGGRAPH and LAVA members will be admitted to this event at the special rate of $10.
Non-members will be admitted at the regular rate of $20. The Chapter will not be taking LA ACM SIGGRAPH registrations at the door.
Special Thanks Special thanks to LAVA (Los Angeles Video Artists) for co-producing and to Vortex Immersion Media, Inc. and Los Angeles Center Studios for sponsoring.
VR Cinema: Creative uses of 360 projection environments Ed Lantz Overview of the fulldome video format including sample installations and programming genres. Contrasts are drawn between immersion domes and VR. Case studies in immersive art are presented including 360 dining, group interactive programming, EDM parties, live 360 performances and more. Excerpts from SIGGRAPH’s 2015 VR Village immersion dome are screened.
Reality Blending 101: Creating mixed reality video installations Eric Medine Mixed Reality is the merging of real world and virtual worlds to produce a new environment where physical and digital objects can co-exist and interact. Spatial augmented reality projects digital information directly onto the physical environment. This use of projection mapping onto 3D objects including large-scale architectural spaces has grown into a new art form in its own right. Methods for 3D scan-to- projector mapping workflow are presented. Topics include best practices for using 3D scanners and cameras, current uses of the technology, methods and formats of using 3D scan data, and techniques of bringing scan data into projection environments. Software covered will be MeshLab, 3DStudio Max, Touch Designer, hardware includes the FARO Focus3D laser scanner ( and the Matterport Pro Camera (
Interactive Entertainment: Creating large scale art for live events Jeff Smith A discussion of interactive art development and performance at live events. Will include a review of esthetics for large spaces, real-time production pipelines and tools, mapping of multiple surface types, including 3D surfaces and domes. Demo of past projects and some deep dives into Touch Designer scenes and custom VJ tools. Also will include discussion of life as a touring VJ and how video games have influenced live events.
VJ Fader Topic: Backwoods Experience 2015 (20 minutes documentary)
Ed Lantz is an entertainment technology engineer, immersive experience designer and innovator in giant-screen digital cinema. While at Spitz, Inc. he led the design and development of digital planetariums including the Library of Alexandria in Egypt and Papalote Museo del Nino in Mexico City. Ed founded Vortex Immersion Media in 2007 to bring immersive media into arts and entertainment. Vortex produces group immersive experiences and VR Cinemas for Fortune 500 companies including EMC2, Microsoft, NBC Universal, NFL, Nike, Nokia and Cartoon Network, and operates the Vortex Dome, the first commercial immersive media production and events studio in downtown Los Angeles.
Eric Medine is a San Francisco based software developer working in multimedia and video art. He received his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and his Masters degree at the the Otis School of Art and Design in Los Angeles, California. Currently he develops immersive interactive experi- ences, online and mobile based games, as well as data visualizers and analytics tools for clients that want to extend their presence in the social media and mobile space. Most recently he gave a lecture at the LPM festival in Rome, Italy, on the subject of YouTube hacking for live video mixing, at FAB LAB in San Diego on the subject of programming Processing applications for Android mobile devices, and at MOCA in Los Angeles on hacking video game controllers for video installation applications. He is also the founder and CEO of TenTon Raygun (, a multimedia design company specializing in mixed reality and interactive installations.
Jeff Smith has worked in the computer graphics industry for over 3 decades. with experience in all forms of live events, technology development, media creation and gaming platforms. He has held Director level positions responsible at a global level for creative direction, team management/building, technology development, training and media development. Jeff has managed teams numbering in the 100’s over multiple regions of the world and is fluent communicating between business, production, branding and creative teams. He left the game business to start Eye Vapor in 2008 when computer hardware finally could support his lifelong vision of producing stunning, real-time visualizations for shows and live events. Since then Eye Vapor has created numerous shows, specializing in high end projection mapping, interactive engagements and real time visual effects. Jeff has created, and performed at, many live events and installations throughout the world for clients such as Red Bull, Microsoft, Nike, Pepsico, Cirque du Soleil, Pharell and Deadmau5
James Cui is a visual artist who works with multimedia in a variety of disciplines. From video mapping, generative animation, music videos, stage design to art installations, his work has been shown to broad audiences around the world. He has exhibited at numerous festivals such as Coachella (Indio), Burningman (Black Rock City), Insomniac Events (Los Angeles), Fuji Rock Festival (Japan), Mapping Festival (Geneva) and Backwoods Music Festival (Oklahoma). Profile image attached. Here’s his presentation VJ Fader will be talking about his experience doing staging and design for the Backwoods Music Festival (

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